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Governor Brown Signs New Gun Law

Beginning January 1, 2012, California will no longer be one of the many “open carry” states...

Governor Jerry Brown signed two important gun bills into law Tuesday, making it a crime to visibly display loaded or unloaded handguns in public and closing a loophole that required the destruction of certain gun records.

The two bills – Assemblyman Anthony Portantino’s AB 144 and Assemblyman Mike Feuer’s AB 809 – received widespread support from gun violence prevention groups nationwide, but are now being touted by gun owners and recreational shooters as a violation of their Second Amendment rights. 

“For almost 90 percent of residents in the state of California – San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles, the greater Bay Area – the possibility of getting a concealed weapon permit is impossible,” said Sam Paredes, chief lobbyist for the Gun Owners of California.

“The right to bear arms is not intended for only in your home.”

However, Dallas Stout, California Brady Campaign Chapters president, applauded the Governor’s “common sense” and “real courage” in a press release. 

“By prohibiting the open carry of guns, we can now take our families to the park or out to eat without the worry of getting shot by some untrained, unscreened, self-appointed vigilante.”

And parks and restaurants were popular sites for openly displaying handguns before AB 144 was finally signed into law yesterday, according to Portantino’s office. At the height of the “open carry” dispute and coinciding with the Brady Campaign’s “Demand Gun-free Dining – California” initiative, gun rights supporters tested the limits of state law by holding “gun gatherings” in local restaurants, coffee shops, and on beaches. At the time, taking a stroll in public with an unloaded firearm strapped on violated no laws.

In addition, Feuer’s AB 809 will require the preservation of records for long guns sold or transferred in California. Previously, only handgun archives were retained by the California Department of Justice, while a loophole required that long gun sales and transfer records be destroyed. This provision will apply to all in-state sales and transfers after January 1, 2014.


this is only the beggining, hopefully it won't happen here in fla; if it happen i would have to move to texas or arizona.

we should recall the brown rot

Whats next we can't bare arms at all not even in our homes because that's where we are headed. Passing laws like this is not how we stop or reduce crime this is just making law abiding citizens unprotected and helpless against criminals who will break the law and always carry guns. California is going against our constitutional rights to bare arms. Criminals = guns, law abiding citizens= no guns :( this is to say the least bad news, Crime will go up no doubt about it because criminals will know law abiding citizens will abide by the laws and if we can't have guns then they can do whatever they want. It's a criminals dream all criminals will move to this state and everyone who believes in protecting their loved ones its going to be a challenge with our rights to bare arms being taken away. What is this world coming to?

the sooner I can leave the state of california the better. Absolutely absurd to disallow gun carrying by citizens of the state. Another pathetic display of government in our face and the socialistic take over of our state and soon the country. We have no protection!!!!

I'm in agreeance with my fellow gun carriers, it's not the people who have guns to protect themselves at home,camping or hiking, it's the criminals that are out there that don't get permits, licenses or document their guns. It you get shot by someone it's going to be an illegal, criminal, drug cartel,gangster, etc.....what are you going to do then when an illegal shoots your loved one then who are you going to blame. Then when this happens and it will, you are going to at the people with the guns to protect you, guess what not going to happen. I personally have one and am not going to stop carrying it just because you don't like guns. Good life!!!!

AB 809. Is this like a gun registry? Gun sales will be up again!!!
I gonna get one or two (wife permitting) before 2014.

I love my family and friends and I would protect them from any harm. Now when we go for a hike far from help or camping and on our road trip vacations I can not carry the only piece of mind protection that would save us if some fricken crazy person wanted to harm us.. And Government you know that there are dangerous psychos out there, after all you are releasing them from crowded prisons by the thousands! What happened America? Fear our Government... Hmmmmmm

You guys are the poster child for state government gone wild! Overrun with illegals and governed by liberals what could go wrong?

I have been open carrying a loaded gun for years. I also have a CHL for when I'm out with my wife who also has a CHL. It's really no big deal people. It's the drug dealers and street thugs that you need to be worried about. Besides, most of the gun violence you hear about is bad guys offing bad guys. Occasionally it spills over and innocent people are hurt or killed but its a very small percentage.

Look into it yourselves. Don't just believe what the state sponsored media tells you. Get educated and informed and maybe these clowns wont get elected anymore.

Now they don't have to worry about being shot by vigalantes, they only have to worry about being shot by drug cartels, illegals, and common criminals.

Man, I can't beleave I voted for this guy. This law is so rediculous and makes no sense. Politicians need to get in touch with real americans and stop writing laws that further burden our system. They need to worry about the debt we are in. It is sad but instead of voting for a democrat next time I am switchig to republicans. Even though I know they might not have my best interest when it comes to work, I know they won't keep passing stupid laws.

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