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Lee Harvey Oswald's Ex Discusses JFK Shooting

Lee Harvey Oswald may not be the only killer in the John F. Kennedy assassination according to Oswald's girlfriend.

Lee Harvey Oswald's girlfriend, Judyth Vary Baker, held a press conference Tuesday morning in Hollywood to discuss why she believes Oswald is not John F. Kennedy's lone killer.

Judyth Vary Baker met Lee Harvey Oswald in New Orleans in 1963. According to Baker, she was in town working for the American Cancer Society where she collaborated with a famous cancer researcher named Dr. Mary Sherman. She and another doctor, David Ferrie, told Baker that the purpose of her cancer research project was to develop a biological weapon to kill Fidel Castro. A few months later Lee told Baker that he had penetrated a ring of political extremists who were planning to kill President Kennedy.

"Lee told me he was afraid he was going to be set up to take the blame for Kennedy's murder," Baker claimed.

Lee publicly presented himself as a pro-Marxist, leading to a staged street fight, Lee's arrest, radio debates and other publicity to make him look like a communist.

"Lee was told that these activities would help him get into Cuba, but he became concerned that their real purpose was to make him look like a communist who might want to kill Kennedy," Baker said.

When Lee went to Dallas, Texas, he and Baker stayed in touch over the phone where Lee told her about what he was learning of the plan to assassinate Kennedy.

"Lee openly expressed his concern that if he made any move to stop the assassination, the plotters would kill him and his family in retaliation. He was 'in too deep.'"

Baker described the last time she spoke to Oswald on the phone, just two days before the assassination. He told Baker there would be a real attempt to kill Kennedy on Friday at one of three locations: the airport, Dealey Plaza, or the Trade Mart. According to Oswald, a CIA officer named David Atlee Phillips was involved in the assassination.

"I want to be clear," Baker said. "Lee Harvey Oswald did not shoot anyone in Dallas on November 22. But the real assassins were and still are powerful people. They succeeded in framing Lee Oswald in order to protect themselves."

Baker said she believes Lee should be found "not guilty" in a court of law.

"The Lee Oswald I knew admired the President and risked his life to save the President," Baker said.


Baker "Provides Insight to the JFK Shooting"? Her whole story is a hoax. She and "Dr." David Ferrie? Baker and Ferrie did not know each other and Ferrie was not a medical doctor, all he had was a mail order Ph.D. from Italy. What a load of baloney.

From Judyth Baker Jan 18, 2013 -
I appreciate the opportunity to reply to the derogatory comments below. I spoke out in 1999. I rejected all financial offers and had to fire my literary agent for writing lies and removing the bold-face statements in my 'teaser book' (they were links to the real book) which I wrote to be sent to publishers to see how they would treat me, having been warned that my story could be stolen and evidence destroyed. Please read Dr. Mary's Monkey by Edward t. haslam, and then my book ME & LEE to get the true story. you will not get it secondhand from those who assure you that lee Oswald was the lone gunman. Please view THE LOVE AFFAIR on YouTube (Episode 8, part of the banned series Episodes 7-8-9 in THE MEN WHO KILLED KENNEDY documentary series aired on the History Channel -- 6 episodes were aired for a decade, but the last three -- 7-8-9 evoked threats of lawsuits from Lyndon Johnson's family and friends. the segments were pulled after only 5-6 airings but are available on YouTube.) I am not the only witness who has come forward late in life. With me stand Abraham Bolden of the Secret Service (Echo from Dealey Plaza),Victoria Adams (the girl on the Stairs), FBI agent Don Adams, E. Howard Hunt's 'deathbed confession' brought forth by St. John Hunt, the testimony that an informant named "Lee" saved Kennedy's life in Chicago, and much more as revealed in James Douglass' fine book JFK AND THE UNSPEAKABLE, Madeleine Brown (WELL-KNOWN IN Texas (where i lived for 18 years) as LBJ's mistress, so she was maligned) and many more. Witnesses to my relationship with Lee Oswald have gone on record, including on tape and film, and I'd like to remind you that most of us were never mentioned or our evidence was buried in previous accounts. For example, my initial is on Lee's time cards. I provide evidence of Lee's cover job at Reily, and explain his presence in Clinton, LA with Clay Shaw and David Ferrie, and provide evidence that matches/complements Garrison Grand Jury evidence you probably are unaware of. read Me & Lee before passing judgment. That's only fair. It is easy to disparage a witness, unless you've actually met that witness and have seen, firsthand, the evidence. Jesse Ventura, Robert Groden, Jim Marrs, Harrison Livingstone, Vincent Palamara, and many others have changed their minds about me after meeting me/having read Me & Lee. Firsthand knowledge is superior to gossip and speculation. Google search is corrupted because people have no choice but to click on the 'suggested searches' which used to say "Oswald's girlfriend,""wiki" "biography" "Me & lee" etc. Google lost a lawsuit in Australia recently for just such misleading search suggestions. Use your head and judge for yourself. Consider joining me on facebook and seeing what's posted there. Thank you.

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