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Halloween Shooting Suspect Sentenced To 40 Years

The 21-year-old behind the USC Halloween shooting in 2012 was sentenced to 40 years to life in prison. 

The man behind the Halloween shooting at USC that wounded four people was sentenced Friday to 40 years to life in prison.  Brandon Spencer, who was convicted in February of four counts of attempted murder, pleaded that the incident was not gang related. He begged the judge for a second chance.

After receiving his sentence, Spencer lashed out and screamed, causing a sheriff’s deputy to grab his shirt during the remanider of the hearing to prevent any other disturbances.  

Spencer’s attorney says he plans to appeal the conviction, arguing the three eyewitnesses had contradicting statements.

During the trial, prosecutors argued the shooting was gang related. Deputy District Attorney Antonella Nistorescu said the 21-year-old was a well-known gang member who was seeking revenge against a rival gang the night of the shooting.

Four people were shot, including former Crenshaw High School football player, Geno Hall. In Hall's testimony, he said he didn’t know why he was a target of the attack. Three other witnesses appeared in court and identified Spencer as the shooter. A shirt left at the scene with Spencer's DNA also tied the man to the attack, but there were no fingerprints on the gun found by police.

Nearly 400 people attended the party sponsored by USC's Black Student Assembly on Oct.31 in 2012, but none of the four shooting victims were USC students. The university has since adopted new campus safety policies to address concerns that were raised after the shooting. 


I find this interesting. Did this young man kill anyone? No. He had a clean record and he gets 40 years to life, non sense! This is why we see so many Black and Latino males in prison because our system does not allot second chances especially if there was no murder. My prayers go out to this young mans family. This case needs to be revisited! Our justice system is screwed!

If he didn't want to do 40 years, he should have thought about that before firing a gun into a crowd of hundreds of innocent people. He is LUCKY that he only will be getting 40 years. A couple USC students get in the way of those bullets and end up dead, he is looking at the death penalty.

the 4 men he shot at did any of those guys shoot Brandon Spencer 1st? to reminded you Brandon Spencer got shot in the stomach 2011 the year before and that wasn't even on the news but since it happen at a college campus now everybody's concern.this is what us South LA kids go thru everyday and nothings getting done! Brandon Spencer should do 25years thats enough time to think about what he done but 40yrs for his 1st time no

That's what you go through every day? How about keep it that way and stop bringing it to other people who aren't so animalistic. You're right. Just because this is the stuff that South LA kids like to do, everyone who worked their asses off to get into a good university should have to risk their lives at a college campus party because some people like shooting each other. You sound insane.

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