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PAC-10 Tournament Live Blog



Update 6:12pm: Romar on Pac-10 in NCAA tournament: “They way SC defends, with their front line and the quickness of their guards, you just don’t face that a lot. If they get invited to this tournament they definitely could advance… I hope we get four teams in, that would be fun.” Also mentions Arizona, UCLA.

Update 6:09pm: Romar: “We felt from the beginning of the year, if we came out...if we played Husky basketball we had a chance to win any game.”

Update 6:09pm: Romar: “If we didn’t win the hustle plays, if we weren’t tough, we weren’t going to win the game. Arizona...they’re a very tough-minded team.”

Update 6:08pm: Thomas in post-game presser: “Coach was going to call timeout and...I just said let me just take it and get something. I knew I had a smaller guy on me so i just made a little step back and god made the ball go in the hoop.”

Update 5:55pm: Isaiah Thomas cuts down the nets:

Update 5:51pm: Still no new developments on the Kevin O’Neill saga. Some outlets reporting he is to be fired on Monday. ATVN spoke with the Coach about two hour’s ago and he declined to comment.

Update 5:49pm: Washington cutting down the net now, naturally having a good time at it. It’s their second straight year doing it.

Update 5:46pm: Isaiah Thomas just named the Tournament’s MOP, how could he not be. WSU’s Klay Thompson, UW’s Terrence Ross, OSU’s Jared Cunningham, Oregon’s E.J. Singler and of course Arizona’s Derrick Williams are the All-Tournament team.

Update 5:44pm: Isaiah Thomas finishes with 28 points and 11 assists. Terrence Ross also put in 16 for the Huskies. Derrick Williams contributed 24 for the Wildcats, and Kevin Parrom and Solomon Hill finished with 12 each. All tournament team set to be announced.

Update 5:40pm: Officials took a second look at it, but there was no doubt. As Gus Johnson allegedly said: “Cold-Blooded” by Isaiah Thomas, who’s sure to be the Tournament’s Most Outstanding Player. He name was just read off to a thunderous ovation.

Update 5:36pm: WHAT DRAMA. Kevin Parrom nails a game tying 3 for the Wildcats with 20 seconds left, but it is Isaiah Thomas who has the last say. He drains a buzzer-beater over from 20 feet to win the Pac-10 for the second year in a row for the Huskies.

Update 5:34pm: Trailing official makes a charge call against Washington, Arizona misses a three, and C.J. Wilcox slams the ball down on the other end for a 3 point UW lead.

Update 5:32pm: Washington pulls in their second straight offensive board and the purple loves it. Can’t convert either one, however. Washington forces a jump ball on the other end. They lead 73-72, 1:31 left in OT.

Update 5:30pm: UW forward Matthew Bryan-Amaning just fouled out on a very, very ticky-tack foul, and Lorenzo Romar is incensed, he needs to be careful if he doesn’t want a T. Bryan-Amaning had nine big points.

Update 5:27pm: Derrick Williams hits a runner to give Arizona the lead, but then back-to-back UW jumpers give the Huskies the three point lead. 3:22 to play in OT.

Update 5:26pm: Washington gets the first points of the extra-session with a free-throw. Both teams struggling from the charity stripe shooting around 60 per-cent.

Update 5:24pm: 5 minutes to decide the Champion of the Pacific-10 Conference. 68 all.

Update 5:23pm: One word: overtime.

Update 5:21pm: 3-BALL, C.J. WILCOX! Talk about clutch, the freshman knocks down the game tying three with 5.7 seconds left. Wildcats with a chance to win it though.

Update 5:20pm: Jones knocks down both with 14 seconds left. Washington ball, down three. Here it is…

Update 5:19pm: UW drains a three, gets a quick foul on Lamont Jones. He’s up one, shooting two.

Update 5:17pm: Huskies try to trap in the backcourt, Arizona breaks the press and lays it in and-one. Perhaps the worst thing that could have happened for Washington. Down 4 with the ball, 26.8 ticks to go.

Update 5:15pm: Isaiah Thomas drains a three with 32.7 to go to make it a one point game. Arizona basketball, we’ll be playing the fouling game in this one.

Update 5:12pm: Timeout Huskies. 1:42 to play, they have the ball down four. What can Isaiah Thomas conjure up this time?

Update 5:09pm: Williams knocks down a pair of free-throws to give Arizona their first lead since 45-44 with 14 minutes to play. Now 2 minutes left, Arizona up three, Huskies commit an offensive foul and it’s now Wildcat ball. “U of A!” chant as loud as ever.

Update 5:07pm: Final media time out of the Pac-10 Tournament. 2:56 to play. Arizona down 58-59, going to the line with the chance to take the lead.

Update 5:03pm: UW with at least three (maybe more) offensive boards in the last minute. Haven’t converted a second chance opportunity yet though. Wildcat ball, down one, Sean Miller takes a full. 3:30 left in the Pac-10 Championship Game.

Update 4:59pm: Isaiah Thomas is absolutely taking over this game. He completely crosses a pair of Wildcat defenders and finishes with a reverse layup to but the Huskies up four. 6:15 to play.

Update 4:55pm: Pac-10 Player of the Year Derrick Williams muffs a layup on one end, and Isaiah Thomas puts it in and-1 on the other. He misses the free-throw, however. Washington up three, 6:44 remaining.

Update 4:52pm: As has been said, Derrick Williams is very, very physically intimidating. He just muscled his way to the tin to make it a one point game. Neck and neck here at Staples. Dogs lead Cats 55-54, 7:30 to go.

Update 4:49pm: A furious 90 second sequence leaves the Huskies up 3, but Lorenzo Romar wants time out, presumably so everyone can allow their head stop spinning. Frantic ball being played in both directions in the Pac-10 Championship Game.

Update 4:46pm: Whistles have switched sides for now, but UW unable to knock down front ends of their 1-and-1’s. Still, they lead by four with 10 minutes to play.

Update 4:39pm: Darnell Grant collects an offensive board and puts it back in with the foul. He’s going to the stripe up 50-46, chance to make it a five point game. Huskies on a brief 6-1 run.

Update 4:32pm: Washington takes the lead, Arizona tries to answer with a lay-in at the other end, but Darnell Grant comes flying in from the opposite side of the hoop to swat the ball into the 3rd row. 46-45 UW right now, 13 minutes left.

Update 4:30pm: ATVN just spoke with USC head coach Kevin O’Neill, who may or may not be fired Monday depending on which conflicting report you choose to believe. Read all about it here:

Update 4:24pm: 9-2 Washington run ties the game, then Arizona turns the ball over. Purple crowd getting loud here at Staples.

Update 4:20pm: Arizona guard Lamont Jones goes charging after a loose ball headed out of bounds. He doesn’t get to it, and ends up leaping the courtside photographers, then two rows of courtside seats before landing in the Washington Band. Point it, it was impressive.

Update 4:16pm: Second half about to get underway here at Staples. Arizona up on UW 36-33. Arizona dictating the game, but Huskies hanging in.

Update 4:13pm: Something you don’t usually see at a basketball game. The halftime entertainment goes on a little long and both teams are left waiting awkwardly for the dance group to finish so they can warm up. Finally they get on with 3 minutes left until the second half.

Update 4:00pm: Half ends with an Arizona missed three. Washington fans let the refs know exactly what they think of their first half performance as they walk underneath them into the tunnel. Arizona shot 11 free-throw’s to Washington’s 4, and there were quite a bit of questionable possession calls. Regardless, halftime score Wildcats 36, Huskies 33.

Update 3:59pm: Wildcats were holding on to the ball winding down the clock to get the last shot of the half when Isaiah Thomas picked it clean and drew the foul at the other end. 15 ticks left in the first, Arizona ball up 3.

Update 3:56pm: Arizona again goes to the charity stripe as the beneficiary of a ticky-tack foul, and again they miss the free throw. Again, the ball don’t lie. Wildcats just 4-9 from the line, but they lead by 5 with a minute left in the first here at Staples.

Update 3:50pm: 5’9” Washington guard Isaiah Thomas tries to lay one up against 6’11” Arizona center Kyryl Natyazhko and gets absolutely tossed. Wildcat fans love it, UW not so much. Then, during the timeout, Dick Vitale makes some taped announcement/promo thing on the videoboard and is booed ruthlessly by both Wildcat and Husky fans alike. No love for Dicky-V baby!

Update 3:48pm: Derrick Williams is very large, very athletic and very talented, and he is leading Arizona on a 7-0 run and an eight point lead with five minutes to go in the first.

Update 3:45pm: Washington not getting the most favorable whistles. Arizona has already shot 8 free throws to the Huskies 2, but the Wildcats are just 4 of 8. It seems the ball don’t lie. Arizona up three, 6 to play in the first.

Update 3:37pm: By the way, Gus Johnson with the call on CBS for this one. So flip the game on to hear how play-by-play should always be done.

Update 3:27pm: I don’t think it’s really possible to explain in words just how BIG Arizona is. And Washington isn’t exactly small. Both teams absolutely on fire right now. 15-12 Arizona.

Update 3:23pm: Arizona fans certainly making their presence known. They even yell when someone in U of A gear is put up on the videoboard during a time out. Really good, or really annoying? You be the judge.

Update 3:17pm: UW gets on the board first with a three-ball of their own, Arizona answers with a layup on the other end. Just 2:30 into the game Wildcat coach Sean Miller takes a 30.

Update 3:15pm: Arizona wins the tip guessed it...throws up a three to start the game. 2 turnovers later, no score in the first minute.

Update 3:12pm: Starting lineups now for Arizona-Washington. By far the biggest crowd of the tournament today. Both teams travel well. Washington’s band is playing CBS’ college basketball theme song. Hilarious.

O’Neill report is extremely dubious, as posted earlier on twitter (@atvn_sports). The site has only changed the headline of the original story and has not included any new facts that would substantiate that claim. Will investigate as this game continues.

Update 3:03pm:, the site that broke the Kevin O’Neill altercation story, claims that it has learned that O’Neill will be fired on Monday. USC Sports Information says it would be news to them and that initial story was only 25% accurate. Will keep you updated here and on twitter.

Meanwhile, Men’s Pac-10 Final just 5 minutes away. Go check highlights of Princeton’s win over Harvard as well. Thrilling finish. “In one shining moment....”

Update 2:42pm: News and notes from the Women’s Pac-10 Final...Stanford making its 24th consecutive NCAA tournament appearance...Today’s game marks the 57th straight Pac-10 victory for the Cardinal...Total attendance 2,618 today.

All Tournament Team: Doreena Campbell, UCLA; Cassie Harberts, USC; Soana Lucet, Arizona; Darxia Morris, UCLA; Chiney Ogwumike, Stanford; Nnemkadi Ogwumike, Stanford (also named Most Outstanding Player)

Update 2:29pm: 54-41 Duke. Just about every bubble break going the Trojans’ way so far today.

Update 1:47pm: USC’s Cassie Harberts makes Women’s Pac-10 All-Tournament Team. Full roster will be posted soon. Bubble watch: Duke 39, VaTech 28 at the half.

Update 1:35pm: There’s the buzzer. 64-55 your final. Stanford will almost certainly be a 1 seed in the tournament. UCLA definitely deserving of a 2 seed. We’ll bring you the All-tournament roster and Most Outstanding Player as soon as they are announced. Washington-Arizona Men’s final tips at 3pm.

Update 1:30pm: Stanford can all but ice this game now. Tara VanDerveer’s team hasn’t lost since December 19. This one was a battle. 63-55, 1 minute to go.

Update 1:29pm: Campbell hits a long deuce and the Bruins call time out. Still a seven point game, but Toni Kokenis’ play keeps denying the Bruins a shot every time they come close. 17 points, 13 in the second half.

Update 1:27pm: UCLA’s Walker hits a pair of free throws to pull UCLA within 7. Under 2 minutes to go.

Update 1:25pm: Kokenis knocks down another three from the same spot. As Dan Patrick would say, “SHE’S EN FUEGO!”

Update 1:20pm: Kokenis rattles in a three. She’s on a 7-0 run all by herself.

Update 1:19pm: Back-to-back fast breaks by Toni Kokenis force a UCLA time out. Stanford up 3, 51-48. 4:46 to go.

Update 1:16pm: UCLA retakes a one-point lead on the foul shots. Both teams’ fans really getting into it now.

Update 1:15pm: Layup and the foul on a hardfought play by Ogwumike. Tie game. Stanford going to the line.

Update 1:14pm: Easy layup off the inbounds pass for Stanford. Cardinal have picked up the defense now. Pressure just caused a UCLA turnover.

Update 1:10pm: Stanford is officially on upset watch now. The team that beat UConn is down 4, 7:20 remaining.

Update 1:02pm: Stanford Coach Tara VanDerveer the model of calm on the sideline, despite her team being down 5 and hearing the wrong side of the whistle. Perhaps it’s just her lack of reaction when compared with the Stanford Band.

Update 12:57pm: Here come the Cardinal. Going to the line with a pair to make it a one point game. Large Stanford crowd (and of course Band) making quite a bit of noise. They are the No. 2 team in the country after all.

Update 12:50pm: This Stanford team is made of competitors, no doubt about that. Senior Jeanette Pohlen nails back-to-back threes to top a 12-6 Cardinal run, and it’s a five point game.

Update 12:45pm: UCLA shooting the lights out of the ball at 47 per-cent. Stanford struggling at 33 per-cent, and it shows on the scoreboard. UCLA 36, Stanford 27, 12:45 remaining.

Update 12:36pm: Stanford Band update: still indescribably annoying.

Update 12:33pm: Extra long halftime it seems here in the finals. Of note at the break, UCLA went on a 21-5 run in the last 10 minutes there. They’re led by Doreena Campbell with 9. Stanford kept in it by Chiney Ogwumike and Kayla Pedersen with 6 pts and 3 rebounds apiece. Chiney in foul trouble though with a pair.

Update 12:19pm: Halftime at Staples. UCLA 30, Stanford 21. Not a position the Cardinal are used to, should make for a very interesting second half.

Update 12:17pm: Stanford’s Kayla Peterson nails a 3 to stop a 10-0 UCLA run. 44 seconds left in the first. 27-21 UCLA.

Update 12:08pm: UCLA on a surging run to take a 21-18 lead. Time out Tara VanDerveer.

Update 12:05pm: And on to the afternoon. Stanford swept the season series between these teams. In fact, Stanford swept the season series with every team. They’re undefeated in the Pac-10, their only two losses of they year came at No. 22 DePaul and at No. 6 Tennessee (in OT). Remember it was Stanford who stopped the UCONN women’s 90 game win streak. Cardinal themselves have currently won 22 straight games.

Update 11:55am: Oh, forgot. Pac-10 Basketball Tournament women’s final right now. No. 2 Stanford (the 1 seed) against No. 7 UCLA (2 seed). Stanford up 14-7, halfway through the first.

Update 11:51am: As if this needed any confirmation, the Stanford Band (excuse me, the Leland Stanford Junior University Marching Band) is officially the most annoying thing to disgrace the surface of this planet. Also, first AM post on this blog, look at us stepping up our game.


Update 8:43pm: “We gave up too many easy baskets. We opened it up for many three’s” Nikola Vucevic on what changed since Arizona’s last visit to the Galen. 

Update 8:37pm: “Kevin O’Neill is a great person. It is unfortunate he was not able to coach this game. We are very proud of our guys’ effort”. Assistant Coach Bob Cantu’s opening statement. 

Update 8:33pm: Coach told Derrick Williams to limit Vucevic’s catches as much as he could.

Update 8:26pm: “I think their coaching staff did an excellent job.” Coach Miller on Kevin O’Neill not being in the game.

Update 8:25pm: “Our best win of the season because we respect USC a whole lot, especially with that senior class” Arizona’s Head Coach Sean Miller on the win.

Update 8:20pm: Press conference about to begin. Final numbers: Simmons with 20 pts and Vucevic with 16 pts and 12 rebounds.

Update 8:08pm: After the quick foul, Williams gets both FT’s. The Trojans got the ball, Donte Smith attempted a 3pts shot before the final buzz and missed. UA beats USC 67 to 62. Final.

Update 8:06pm: Pac-10 player of the year Derrick Williams knocks down a clutch pair of free throws with 25 seconds to go. Trojans run off 20 seconds before Vucevic finally lays it in. 65-62 Wildcats, their ball, 4.7 seconds left. Trojans need a quick foul, some missed free-throw’s and then a quick 3. Just to tie.

Update 8:03pm: Jio Fontan nails a 3 to put the Trojans within three. 47.5 ticks left, Arizona with the ball. They take a full timeout to talk it over.

Update 8:00pm: Staples Center gets loud as the game heats up with 1:36 on the clock. USC 63 UA 57.

Update 7:57pm: Vucevic pulls in a nice defensive board, then hustles down court and gets the foul call. He’s going to the line to shoot 1-and-1 with a chance to make it a 3 point game. 3 minutes to play here at Staples.

Update 7:55pm: Stephenson returns to the game replacing Mo-Jo to help with some much needed rebounds. Vucevic with a 2pts jumper. USC 53 UA 58.

Update 7:53pm: USC getting nothing from the refs tonight. Donte Smith gets absolutely hammered on a layup attempt, no call. Fans, band, bench erupt. 58-51 Wildcats, 4:30 to go.

Update 7:50pm: Arizona free-throw shooter collects his own miss and Derrick Williams puts it in on the 2nd chance opportunity. Can’t allow that against a team as big and talented as Arizona.

Update 7:48pm: Vucevic goes to the stripe and nails a pair to make it a 4 point game. SC crowd getting back into it.

Update 7:42pm: Former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice in the building. The Stanford alum sitting courtside. Under 8 time out right now. Arizona up 7 about to shoot a pair of free-throws.

Update 7:39pm: Simmons with yet another 3pts FG during the game to bring down the gap to 7pts.

Update 7:36pm: Arizona on an offensive fury, jumping out to a 10 point lead. Trojans appear tired and beaten down by their larger opponents.

Update 7:30pm: 3 pts basket for UA. Arizona attempted a second 3pts basket and missed, they recovered possession and tried for a third time and scored. The score now is UA 48 USC 38.

Update 7:27pm:USC 36 Arizona 40 14:42 to go in the second half

Update 7:25pm: Mo-Jo drops another dime to Alex Stepheson. Next possession, USC gets just its third offensive board of the game and Donte Smith lays it in to make it a 4 point game. Timeout Wildcats, 15 minutes to play.

Update 7:19pm: Wildcats dominating the glass as well. Right now only up 18 to 13, but they have 7 offensive boards to SC’s 2.

Update 7:15pm: Second half just underway here at Staples. Arizona up 5, shooting the lights out of the ball from beyond the arc. First possession of the 2nd ends with a 2 off the glass, Wildcats up 35-28.

Update 7:10pm: Awesome halftime show. Artist paints a huge portrait of John Wooden with his hands in about 5 minutes. Not exactly a work of art for the Trojans in the first half. You wouldn’t know it, but SC is shooting 54.5% from the field. Arizona? 41.4%. Those 5 three pointers are huge for Arizona.

Update 6:58pm: Halftime here at Staples. Derrick Williams with an absolutely thunderous dunk to cap off the half and put the Wildcats up five headed to the break.

Update 6:55pm: Always amazing when Maurice Jones can get a shot off, because his defender is always about six inches taller than him. Nonetheless, he nails a J to make it a 3 point game, 30 seconds left in the half.

Update 6:53pm: Trojans looking lackluster on offensive, been taking the shot clock all the way down of late. Just committed a shot clock violation. Wildcats up 5, in the bonus. 1:46 to play in the first.

Update 6:48pm: Marcus Simmons with 11 of USC’s 26 so far. Arizona much more balanced, Jesse Perry leads them with six.

Update 6:45pm: Mo-Jones doing what he does, dropping an absolute dime to Donte Smith to tie the game. And then again after a Wildcat basket Jones again with a beauty of a pass to Marcus Simmons who goes to the line.

Update 6:43pm: Nik Vucevic with another acrobatic layup, just his 2nd bucket of the game. SC need’s him to step it up tonight.

Update 6:40pm: Under 8 timeout. Wildcats up 25-21. They’re bigger than the Trojans across the board, but not showing it. Instead they’re raining the trey-balls.

Update 6:35pm: Two more threes for Arizona. They’re 5-9 from behind the arc and 3-11 inside. 23-19 Wildcats.

Update 6:33pm: Pace of this game has slowed way, way down and Arizona is taking advantage. On an 8-2 run. 17-17 now. Jio Fontan just exited with his second foul. That’s a major break for the Wildcats.

Update 6:26pm: Cantu calls a time out with 12 minutes remaining after Arizona hits a three from the corner. SC seems to be struggling with Arizona’s size outside on defense.

On another note, if the game seems oddly quiet on TV, there’s nothing wrong with your audio...that’s the sound of Kevin O’Neill’s screams you’re missing. Cantu is practically silent in comparison.

Update 6:23pm: Simmons getting it done. Another 3. Teams have left him alone before, but not this open. It’s like there’s no one even thinking about guarding him.

Update 6:19pm: Big 3 in transition for Donte. Time out called. 12-9 USC, 5 minutes in. USC didn’t have 9 points in the first 10 last night.

Update 6:17pm: Arizona’s strategy seems to be to clog the lane and leave Simmons open for any shot he wants. He’s been consistently open. Just buried a three, and then got a tough layup off a pass from Vucevic. He leads all scorers with 5.

Update 6:16pm: Derrick Williams buries a three, then Donte Smith tries one of his own. Way off. Simmons reluctant to shoot as always.

Update 6:15pm: Vucevic gets to the basket for a score. More importantly for USC… draws a foul on Derrick Williams as well.

Update 6:12pm: Zona wins the tip and Jesse Perry scores easily on the first possession. Fontan answers with a drive of his own. Arizona is moving well with and without the ball. Hoping to tire the Trojans out, perhaps?

Update 6:11pm: This is the part where we remind you that Arizona’s three top scorers were all USC recruits before Tim Floyd left the program. Had to be done.

Update 6:09pm: So much for home court advantage. Sounds like just as many Arizona fans in attendance as USC supporters.

Update 6:02pm: Inside of 5 minutes until tipoff.

Update 5:57pm: O’Neill told the media after last night’s game that the team would not shoot around before the game tonight, so the team could recuperate from yesterday’s school Keep on eye on how USC comes out of the gate tonight. A slow start for USC might be indicative of a bigger issue.

Update 5:51pm: Pedro Moura of ESPNLA spoke to KO and has this story up. Sounds like Cantu is on his own on this one.

Update 5:42pm: Both teams take the court for layup lines. 25 minutes ‘til tipoff.

Update 5:40pm: The bands starting to warm up here. It’s basically the only sound in the building. Larry Scott says he’s not worried about the attendance at the tournament.

Update 5:35pm: Bubble watch: Michigan State pulls out a stunner over Purdue, 74-56. Kansas up big over Colorado in the 2nd half. Former USC head coach Tim Floyd’s UTEP team is on its way to the C-USA conference final.

Update 5:30pm: Cantu and other assistants watching shootaround from just off the court, discussing something. The reserves in to the locker room as the starters finish their shootaround.

Update 5:24pm: USC taking shots on the court now. Coming out in the red uni’s. That’s a good omen for the superstitious fas out there...USC has a winning record in every uni set except the black, which they typically wear during “statement” games like this one.

Update 5:00pm: USC just arrived at staples and headed to locker room.

Update 4:40pm: Statement from commissioner Larry Scott: “It is an unfortunate circumstance, but we are in complete agreement with Athletics Director Pat Haden’s decision.”

“It’s our highest obligation and responsibility to set a good example for our student-athletes as we prepare them for productive lives beyond college athletics. We commend USC for its actions.”

Update 4:33pm: Full story on Kevin O’Neill’s suspension now posted here. In other news, UCLA’s women’s basketball advances over Cal, 63-50. Staples Center takes a break until 6:00 for SC-Arizona.

Update 4:00pm: Initial thoughts: As the team mentioned last night, USC has a veteran starting lineup, but you have to think losing O’Neill would be a major blow to the team’s chances against Arizona. The big question: Will the distraction of losing their head coach be too much for a Trojan team playing with just seven rotation players on one night’s rest?

Update 3:55pm: Bob Cantu will take over at the coaching spot tonight and tomorrow, if USC advances. Haden says “Coach O’Neill was remorseful and apologetic and accepted responsibility for his actions.  He understood that his actions were unacceptable and that they reflect poorly on him, his team and USC.  We hold our coaches to very high standards, as they are role models to the student-athletes they lead.  Clearly, Coach O’Neill used poor judgment and failed in this situation.”

O’Neill also issued an apology. “I understand my behavior as the leader of our team was unacceptable,” he said. “I used poor judgment and put myself, my team and USC in a bad light.  I regret that I have let them down.”

Again, the full release can be found here.

Update 3:51pm: USC has suspended Coach O’Neill for the remainder of the Pac-10 Tournament. Read the full release and O’Neill’s apology here. More to follow.

Update 3:48pm: Currently on the floor at Staples: UCLA 45, Cal 25.

Update 3:37pm: Fox Sports’ Jeff Goodman tweets, “Source told USC has suspended Kevin O’neill for PAC-10 tourney. Bob Cantu will take over.” Will bring you the latest as we hear more.

Update 3:20pm: UCLA dominating in this one, 37-18 with 1 minute and change left in the first half. ESPN’s Joe Lunardi now has USC in the last four in to his bracket.

Update 2:40pm: Starting lineups for cal-ucla announced now.

Update 2:29pm: Scores from around the NCAA Tournament bubble: Alabama takes down Georgia in the SEC Quarterfinals, 65-59. Boston College blown out by Clemson, 70-47. BC and Georgia were both listed among the “last four in” by ESPN’s bracketologist Joe Lunardi. With those wins USC may just need to keep it close against the Wildcats today to move on, but a win would likely lock up a tournament berth for USC. Wonder if the Trojans can help scoreboard watching a bit.

Update 2:20pm: We’re live at Staples Center! UCLA-Cal women’s game 20 minutes away from tip-off. Final score in the early game, Stanford 100, Arizona 71. Oski Bear now patrolling in front of the media section, looking quiet relaxed for a bear about to take on the number 9 team in the nation. Stay tuned all afternoon and evening as we live blog UCLA-Cal women’s hoops followed by the Men’s semis; USC-Arizona and Washington-Oregon.

Update 1:05pm: Halftime at Staples Center. Stanford showing why they’re number 2 in the nation. The Cardinal lead 45-24 at the half. Would be a big surprise if the pac-10 championship were anything but UCLA-Stanford.

Update 12:40pm: We’ll be really starting up our live blog from the Pac-10 Men’s and Womens’ tournament shortly. Something of a soft-launch today. In the mean time, click here for an update on the Kevin O’Neill altercation. Keep checking back here and all of for coverage of O’Neill and the Japanese earthquake. Final note: Stanford women’s side is up 13 over Arizona nearing the end of the first half.


Update 4:35pm: The fat lady is singing for this one. Arizona up 12, two minutes to play. It’ll take Divine Intervention and then some for the Beavers. USC-Arizona tomorrow at 6 in the men’s semi’s, USC-Arizona tonight at 5:15 in the women’s quarters. Beat the Wildcats, I guess.

Update 4:30pm: “Disco Derek,” of Galen center jumbotron fame, is in the building today with some pretty prime seats. And speaking of the Galen center, the Women of Troy will take on the Arizona Wildcats in the Pac-10 Women’s Tourney quarterfinals at Galen at 5:15. Anticipate a blog from that one as well.
Right now at Staples, it’s Arizona 74, Oregon State 62 with 3:37 to play. Count on USC-Arizona in the Pac-10 semi’s tomorrow at 6pm.

Update 4:19pm: Under 8 to play now, “Pac-10 reffing!” mockery chant continuing from OSU supporters. Beavers down 68-51, as it’s painfully obvious which team is more talented.

Update 4:12pm: Things heating up here at Staples. Oregon St. forward Joe Burton just clocked Wildcat forward Kevin Parrom in the face and was ejected. Arizona still up 10 with 10 to play.

Update 4:07pm: Oregon St. hanging in, but Arizona is simply a superior team. And they’re shooting the lights out of the ball from beyond the arc, 10 for 17.

Update 4:00pm: Oregon St. hearing the wrong end of the whistle of late. OSU band and fans start up a “Pac-10 reffing” chant in mockery. Beavers down ten, 14 minutes to go.

Update 3:54pm: There is an unspoken rule that you’re not supposed to cheer as a member of the press, but I’m finding it difficult not to root for Oregon St. While for the Trojans a win over Arizona would be more impressive, a win over the Beavers would be easier. And right now, bottom line, USC needs one more win if it wants in on the NCAA Tournament.

Update 3:50pm: And just like that, Arizona nails three consecutive three’s for a 9-0 run. OSU coach Craig Robinson takes time.

Update 3:45pm: Second half just started. Arizona up 3, but the 9 seed Oregon State hanging in, now down just 1.

Update 3:30pm: Internet difficulties resolved, it is now halftime here at Staples. Arizona leads Oregon St. 40-37. OSU’s Jared Cunningham keeping the Beavers in it with 19 points. Wildcats led by Derrick Williams’ 16. Remember, winner takes on USC tomorrow.

Update 3:00pm: Oregon St. opened up quickly, but the Wildcats slowly pulling it back. Under 12 timeout right now, OSU up 18-14.

Update 2:53pm: Game right now is the No. 1 seed Arizona and the No. 9 seed Oregon St. Winner takes on SC right here at Staples tomorrow. Not sure if any of the Trojans have stuck around to watch it, however.

Update 2:50pm: Big focus of the SC presser was how they panned on recovering for their game at 6pm tomorrow, especially considering they only played 6 players. Said Alex Stepheson: “Spend a long time in the ice tub.”

Update 2:45pm: Just back from the press conferences. SC mood very light, K.O. and players joking about how they don’t like each other. K.O. wouldn’t speculated on Trojans NCAA tourney chances, but Cal coach Mike Montgomery said he believes they deserve a strong look.

Update 2:05pm: That’s a final. 70-56, Trojans advance to face either Arizona of Oregon St. tomorrow. Mo-Jones leads the way with 16 points and 4 assists. Stephenson and Smith put in 14 apiece, Fontan with 12.

Update 2:02pm: All formalities now. Bears fouling out of desperation. SC up 68-42, 90 seconds left. “We Are S-C” chant starts up at Staples.

Update 1:56pm: Technical difficulties here at Staples, the whole of press row trying to use the same internet. SC up 12, 2:44 to go. Looking good right now for the Trojans, just keeping the Bears at bay.

Update 1:38pm: Trojans starting to pull away, Mo-Jones getting a driving layup and then nailing a trey. SC shooting nearly 50% from the filed, up 53-37 with ten to play.

Update 1:25pm: Trojans getting the benefit of the doubt with the whistles of late. Bears coach Mike Montgomery spent then first 30 seconds of the last timeout berating the officials. His team trails the Trojans by 10 points, 16 minutes to go in the game.

Update 1:15pm: Second half just underway at Staples. Cal gets first bucket but still trails the Trojans 35-29.

Update 1:00pm: Halftime here at Staples. SC up 35-27, Marcus Simmons nails a 3 as time expires. Trojans scored 26 of their 35 in the last 7:37 of the half, ending on an 18-7 run. Marcus Simmons leading the Trojans with 7 points and 5 boards.

Update 12:54pm: Cal senior captain Jorge Gutierrez just picked up his third personal foul and will sit out the rest of the half. Meanwhile, Trojans making it rain. Mo-Jo nailed a three to give USC a 27-20 lead to cap a 10-0 run. SC up five with two to go in the half.

Update 12:48pm: Cal band just got what appeared to be a giant poster head of senior center Markhuri Sanders-Frison confiscated. They were waving it behind the basket during USC free throws, and Pac-10 security was not happy about that. Cal Band currently letting Pac-10 security know just how happy they are with them. As for the game itself, SC has come charging back. Now down 1, Alex Stepheson shooting an and-one with a chance to tie the game for the first time since 0-0.

Update 12:36pm 12 minutes into the game, Nik Vucevic with just one point, just committed a charging foul. Cal already in the bonus with 7:37 to go in the first, up 16-9.

Update 12:32pm: Longer media time outs here at the Tourney, so coaches Kevin O’Neill and Mike Montgomery swapping some jokes apparently as we wait for play to resume.

Update 12:26pm: SC playing sloppy right now, turning the ball over and allowing the Bears to break. Down 11-3, getting simply out-hustled right now.

Update 12:21pm: Under 16 media timeout. Cal up 4-0. Both teams struggling shooting the ball. Actually fairly common when playing in a larger arena, the lack of depth perception messes with player’s shots.

Update 12:15pm: Under way at Staples for the Pac-10 Tournament Men’s quarterfinals. Your USC Trojans taking on the Cal Bears. Bears on the board first, up 2-0 three minutes in.


Update 6:55pm: We’re final at the Galen Center, 78-66 the score at the buzzer. Women’s basketball moves on to play Arizona tomorrow evening. Harberts finished with 31. Gemelos scored 13 points for USC.

Update 6:54pm: Meanwhile, USC has to be happy to see Oregon State beating Stanford by 8. OSU split the season with Arizona. The winner of this game takes on Arizona, and that game’s winner will play the winner of USC/Cal.

Update 6:50pm: Cassie Harberts is playing like a woman possessed. 30 points and 14 rebounds. Her point total the season high for anyone on the roster. 25 seconds left, USC by 11.

Update 6:44pm: It’s all but over now. 73-59 USC. The Women of Troy will play Arizona tomorrow at 5:15 at Galen Center.

Update 6:30pm: The Women of Troy are pouring it on now. SC by 14, 67-53. Harberts has 26 points and 11 rebounds.

Update 6:22pm: Meanwhile the Men’s tournament is officially underway. Stanford and Oregon State going at it in the 8-9 matchup. Currently 8-6 OSU. Surprisingly empty/quiet night inside STAPLES Center.

Update 6:18pm: Halfway through the second half now, SC has moved their lead up to 7 points, 54-47.

Update 5:45pm: The Women of Troy enter the half with a 35-29 lead over Washington State. Freshman Cassie Harberts has already poured in 13 points for USC. We’ll have continued updates as the second half gets underway.

Update 2:50pm: USC Women’s Basketball tips off tonight at 5pm. Junior Guard Ashley Corrall is serving the second of a two game suspension tonight for violating team rules. We’ll bring you live blog updates from the Men’s and Women’s tournaments all week long here on

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