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Annenberg School of Communication and Journalism University of Southern California

Da Lin

Class of 2002, Bachelor's


What are your duties in your current position?:

I am a general assignment reporter at KPIX 5.  I also shoot and edit my stories.  That seems to be where the industry is headed.

Where did you work before, and what jobs did you do?:

After graduating from USC, I started my first job in Palm Springs.  I went to Amarillo, Texas, then to Salinas, Ca, and finally made my way back home to the San Francisco Bay Area.

What new skills do you think journalists need? :

For students who want to report, they definitely need to know how to shoot and edit.  These aren't new skills, but must have skills.  Even if you don't need to shoot or edit your stories, those skills will make you a better reporter.

What are the top three skills journalism students should learn in college?:

You've got to be a good writer.  Someone once said to me, "If you can write, you'll never go hungry."  It is so true, especially in this industry.  Also work on your delivery if you want to be on air.  And be a hard worker.  Your news director will appreciate you.

What were your duties at ATVN? :

Sports department, News Reporter

How did ATVN prepare you for your career?:

It taught me all the skills for my first job.

Describe your typical workday including assignments, workload and deadlines.:

I cover one story a day, typically for the 5 pm and 6 pm newscasts.

Which software programs do you use at your current job? including newsroom software/editing software/content management system:

I-news and Final Cut Pro.

How often do you go live?:

Most days.

How many story ideas are you expected to come up with every day? How do you come up with your story ideas?:

I try to come up with two to three stories for our morning meeting.  It's important to have ideas.  It shows that your invested in your area and you know what's happening there.

What do you enjoy most about your job? What makes it worthwhile?:

I get to meet new people and learn something new everyday.

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