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Annenberg School of Communication and Journalism University of Southern California

Jessica DePalma

Class of 2004, Bachelor's

Jessica DePalma has been with NBC since graduating from USC in 2004. Currently she is a multimedia producer for, where she is responsible for producing original videos. DePalma joined from MSNBC cable, where she was a segment producer for “Early Today” and “First Look.” In addition, she has produced content for “Money Matters with Jean Chatzky,” “Wake Up With Al” and NBC Mobile.


What are the top three skills journalism students should learn in college?:

In general for news producers, I’d say three important skills are: 1.) Editorial 2.) Writing 3.) Production

What were your duties at ATVN? :

Director, Technical Director, Reporter, Writer, Shooter, Editor, Camera, Etc.

How did ATVN prepare you for your career?:

I only realized after I had made it into the real world how much ATVN really had prepared me for my first job. ATVN gives students hands-on experience. From using the camera to editing to working in the control room — students will definitely use the skills they learn at ATVN after they graduate. 

What is your advice to aspiring journalists?:

My advice to current USC students is to take advantage of all of ATVN’s resources, including the technical equipment, facilities and especially the staff. 

What should graduates keep in mind when negotiating their first job?:

Aside from wearing a nice suit and getting to the interview on time, my advice is to really sell yourself. Coming out of USC’s journalism program, you’ll be ahead of the game. Take the opportunity to brag about everything you’ve learned at ATVN because it will impress potential employers.

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