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Annenberg School of Communication and Journalism University of Southern California

Jordan Rice Best

Class of 2007, Bachelor's


What are your duties in your current position?:

News judgment, rundown building, writing, sound bite and graphic selection, timing, time management

Where did you work before, and what jobs did you do?:

WGAL is the only station I've worked for - which is pretty unusual for journalists starting out.  I got my foot in the door as a video editor for several years before moving into my current producing position.  I worked on my own time to practice my writing and show the managers my skill and desire for producing.

What new skills do you think journalists need? :

Strong writing, strong tease writing, time management, being able to work independently 

What were your duties at ATVN? :

Anchor, Reporter, Writer/Shooter/Editor, Producer

How did ATVN prepare you for your career?:

ATVN gave me experience in a variety of newsroom roles and an appreciation for how they work together.  

List any additional major(s) or minor(s) you had at USC. What impact have they had on your career?:

Dance minor - not much impact on my career, but continues to be a hobby!

Describe your typical workday including assignments, workload and deadlines.:

Arrive at midnight (already having browsed news web sites & being informed on what happened during the day).  Assess local content, start building rundown, write as fast as my fingers can type!

3:00 AM: reality check - do whatever it takes to get rundown filled out and show written. 

3:30 AM: work on writing teases, tying up loose ends.

4:00 AM: anchors and technical staff start to arrive and mark up scripts, etc.

4:30 AM: we're on the air!

5:00 AM: breathe a sigh of relief - made it through another show!  Ready to do it all again tomorrow!

5:00-6:00 AM: write Today Show cut-ins, help answer calls in newsroom 

Which software programs do you use at your current job? including newsroom software/editing software/content management system:


AVID for special editing projects

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