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Annenberg School of Communication and Journalism University of Southern California

Mark Haas

Class of 2006, Bachelor's

[email protected]

Born and raised in Fort Collins, CO, Mark Haas always wanted his broadcasting career to make its way to Denver. Haas grew up watching Broncos games with his dad and brothers, and remembers peppering his dad with questions about everything and anything. Haas graduated from Fort Collins High School (Home of the Lambkins – #2 on an old David Letterman Top 10 worst mascot list!)

Haas went to USC during the Pete Carroll glory years, and his four years included three Heisman winners* and two nationals championships.* While at USC, Haas worked for the campus TV station ATVN and for the USC video department.
*He still counts Reggie Bush and the 2004 National title.

Before coming to CBS4, Haas was sports director for KGET NBC 17 in Bakersfield, CA, the same station that longtime CBS4 sportscaster Gary Miller worked at before coming to Denver as well. In Bakersfield, Haas covered a lot of minor league sports and high school football, and he says developed a style he hopes is entertaining to all local news viewers, not just hardcore sports fans.

Haas started his career in St. George, UT, and also spent three years working fulltime for the USC athletics website department.

Haas still has family in Fort Collins, Denver and Edwards, CO. He also has a brother who is a U.S. Coast Guard helicopter pilot (and by far coolest member of the Haas family).


What were your duties at ATVN? :

Sports Director and Executive Producer; Sports Anchor and Reporter; News Producer and Reporter

How did ATVN prepare you for your career?:

ATVN gave me a good appreciation for EVERYTHING that goes into a local newscast. I only do sports now, but I am glad I understand what it means to be a news producer or to run playback, and I understand the pressures they face so I can work better with them. Also knowing more will never hurt you, it just makes you more valuable.

What is your advice to aspiring journalists?:

Two things:
1. Make non-pressure contacts – by this I mean meet people in the industry before you need a job. For the most part I have found people in this industry are very willing to help young journalists, especially if what you ask for is just some guidance. Sophomore and
junior year intern as many places as possible, visit as many stations as possible, and build a resume tape just to get advice on it even though you will never send it out. I visited several stations on a road trip after my junior year, just asking to see the station and if
they would give me advice on my tape for my senior year. One of the stations ended up having an opening a year later and I was automatically a front-runner because they remembered me and liked me. Have as many contacts as possible because you never know who will help you get that first job.

2. Be nice to your production people – when you get your first job as a reporter/anchor, treat your photographers and studio crew with nothing but respect. Help them wind cables, put away microphones, and treat them like equals and in return they will make your job a whole lot easier too.

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