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Annenberg School of Communication and Journalism University of Southern California

Gloria Yi

Class of 2014

Prepare Yourselves, Future J403 Students!

December 4, 2013

J403 is a challenging course, so here is some advice.

New News in Old News

November 20, 2013

See how ATVN handles ongoing coverage to keep the stories interesting and relevant.

Let the Mash-Up Begin!

November 13, 2013

Annenberg Media Mash-Up is the new convergence of USC's web, radio and television news outlets.

Taking it Live with the Live Shots

November 6, 2013

Team Tuesday is ready for some live shots! See how they can add to the show.

Maintaining ATVN's High Quality

October 30, 2013

See what efforts can be made to improve quality control of ATVN's broadcasts.

Living Up to the Name

October 23, 2013

See how we continue to be "USC's first source for news."

TSA Prescreening Airport Passengers

October 22, 2013

TSA is searching passengers' personal records before they even arrive at the airport.

The Importance of Copy Editing

October 16, 2013

Copy editing can make the difference between a good and bad show.

Choosing the Lead Story

October 9, 2013

Every day, producers must choose which story to lead their newscast with. Read more to find out how this decision...

The Development of Story Pitches

October 2, 2013

Read about how Tuesday's story ideas were brought to life.

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