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Annenberg School of Communication and Journalism University of Southern California

Matt Burton

Class of 2012

Progression in the Newsroom

April 20, 2012

This past week has shown me how far I've come as a producer.

Web/Graphics Finally

April 20, 2012

Working on my last day as web/graphics teammate I realized I had learned a lot.

No Charges Filed in Death of 10-Year-Old Girl

April 18, 2012

No charges will be filed in the case of an elementary school girl who died after a fight.

It Only Gets Easier From Here

April 5, 2012

Review of our first live shot and how we can make it better.

Fresh and Easy 'Swap Meat'

March 28, 2012

Fresh and Easy begins its "Pink Slime Swap Meat" where people can trade in ground beef from other stores.

Seeking Perfection

March 27, 2012

Why attention to detail is so important in the newsroom and on the web.

Funny Communication

March 8, 2012

Why communicating with humor and in a friendly manner can produce the best atmosphere and ultimately the best newscast.

Campaigning to Super Tuesday

March 5, 2012

Republican presidential candidates are on the road before the biggest day of the Republican Primary to date.

Condoms Now Required on L.A. Adult Film Sets

March 5, 2012

A new ordninance went into effect Monday that requires adult film actors to wear condoms if producers want a film...

I'm Just Teasing

February 27, 2012

Why teasing the right part of a story can lead to added viewership.

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