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Annenberg School of Communication and Journalism University of Southern California

Kimberly Urcho

Class of 2011, Master's


What were your duties at ATVN? :


New passenger Bill of Rights hopes to ensure smoother summer travel

April 20, 2011

The Department of Transportation released a new passenger Bill of Rights to ensure smoother summer travel.

Inglewood teachers protest

April 6, 2011

Inglewood teachers protested to raise awareness of the financial crisis in the Inglewood School District.

Anaheim tries to lure Sacramento Kings

March 30, 2011

The Anaheim City Council approved a $75 million dollar plan to attract the Sacramento Kings to the Honda Center.

Kaiser Permanente nurses strike for better working conditions

March 2, 2011

More than one-thousand Kaiser Permanente nurses went on strike for better working conditions.

Groups face off over the possible cutting off Planned Parenthood

February 23, 2011

Pro-choice and pro-life groups face off over the possible cutting off Planned Parenthood.

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