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Annenberg School of Communication and Journalism University of Southern California

Sergio Avila

Class of 2004, Bachelor's

Sergio Avila comes to Las Vegas after spending three years of reporting in Tucson, Ariz. While in the Old Pueblo, Sergio learned how deep the connection between news and the community can be.

When Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and 18 others were shot on Jan. 8, 2011 during an event designed for the community to meet their representative, Sergio, along with the entire Tucson news market, covered the tragedy extensively.

That's when he learned how important a reporter's job can be.

Sergio is looking forward to bringing important news to Las Vegas but also wants to become a part of this exciting city.

On a lighter note, Sergio was born and raised in Los Angeles and is a die hard Lakers, Dodgers and USC Football fan. You can find him hanging out wherever the locals are having fun. If you have any great story ideas please don't hesitate to send him an email at [email protected].


What are the top three skills journalism students should learn in college?:

1. Writing
2. Story Presentation
3. Get Real People

What were your duties at ATVN? :

I barely did anything at ATVN. I did cameras and made graphics.

How did ATVN prepare you for your career?:

It gave me a better idea of the daily news crunch.

List any additional major(s) or minor(s) you had at USC. What impact have they had on your career?:

Just get out there and do it. Everyone has their own path. Don’t try to follow identically in someone else’s footsteps. Just do what you like and you’ll be successful.

Any other comments?:

The CORE Classes. I hated them when I was there, but they sure taught me a lot of things I wouldn’t have learned otherwise

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