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Annenberg School of Communication and Journalism University of Southern California

Jennifer Kendall

Class of 2012, Master's


Where did you work before, and what jobs did you do?:

KTXS News in Abilene, Texas. I started as a reporter/photographer at KTXS. I was on-call photographer overnight on weekends and shot everything for our weekend newscasts. I also worked as a fill-in anchor on weekends and mornings. 

What new skills do you think journalists need? :

It's so important to get experience shooting and editing. Writing is and always will be important, but more and more stations are looking for multimedia journalists and you will move up much faster if you have that experience.

What are the top three skills journalism students should learn in college?:

Write, shoot, edit. I seriously can't emphasize this enough. Write for the web too, not just broadcast. 

What were your duties at ATVN? :

News Anchor, Reporter

How did ATVN prepare you for your career?:

ATVN taught me all the fundamentals and got me used to turning stories under tight deadlines. Because I worked at ATVN I had some idea what to do at my first job.

What is your advice to aspiring journalists?:

Don't give up. Stay competitive. Work as hard as you can. One day it will all pay off. 

Describe your typical workday including assignments, workload and deadlines.:

Everyday I turn a package and at least one vo/sot (usually more than one). I also shoot a looklive package for the morning show. Then I write a web story, and tease it on twitter and facebook. 

L.A. Beekeepers are Raising "Backwards" Bees

May 12, 2012

Two studies found that pesticides might be contributing to the mass die off of bees known as colony collapse disorder....

Nikias, LAPD Announce New Campus Safety Measures

April 26, 2012

Police say they plan to increase the number of patrol cars and personnel around campus.

Students Talk About Off-Campus Safety

April 18, 2012

USC Students talk to ATVN about how they feel after the DPS-involved shooting Wednesday morning.

Memorial for Victims of West Adams Shooting

April 12, 2012

Friends reflect on Ying Wu and Ming Qu's contributions to the community.

Marina Del Rey Dredging Project

April 5, 2012

A dredging project will remove debris in Marina Del Rey.

SMC Students Rally Against Pepper Spray Incident

April 4, 2012

College officials plan to launch an investigation into the incident at the Board of Trustees meeting.  

Lindsay Lohan Probation Ends

March 29, 2012

Lohan successfully met the terms of her probation after completing service hours at the morgue and attending therapy sessions.

Study Shows Traffic Pollution May Lead to Stroke

March 28, 2012

Traffic-related pollution may increase the chances of a stroke according to a stroke center in Boston. 

"Hunger Games" Premieres Today

March 22, 2012

USC students Alexander Ludwig and Rozzi Crane will appear in the movie.

South Bay Islamic Center Hopes City Reconsiders Mosque Renovations

March 21, 2012

Members of the mosque filed a lawsuit against the city of Lomita to allow renovations for their mosque.

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