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Annenberg School of Communication and Journalism University of Southern California

A Passion for Producing


Coming into this semester knowing I was going to be producing the Monday news cast was one of the most intimidating things I have ever walked into.  Honestly, I had no idea what to expect from this class and producing, but I know my expectations weren't very high.

For the past four years I have worked for ATVN, I never really understood the work that is put into the program.  I did my job and that's where my connection with ATVN ended.  I never really liked nor disliked it--it was just something I had to be a part of for my major, like another homework assignment or class project.

Well, my entire view changed this semester.  I have, admittedly, fallen in love with ATVN.  I am actually depressed that my time as a producer has come to an end.  If I could, I would do this forever!

At first, I thought I would just go with the flow, finish my producing "to-do" list every Monday and move on with my life.  Little did I know this was not at all in the works for me.  I ended up falling into a relationship with ATVN: I looked forward to Mondays, working with my team and seeing the news cast come together at the end of the day.  When I left after my production shift was over, I felt happy and excited.  Not one Monday went by that I didn't call my Dad to tell him each and every detail of my love affair with producing.   

Due to this passion, I worked harder and harder every Monday to make the best news cast I possibly could.  I went above and beyond to really make sure I had done all I could to add to the success of each news cast (as did my teammates).  Sometimes, things went wrong and frustration kicked in--even tears made an appearance one time--but that only proved my passion.

You can't help running into problems and obstacles throughout a news cast, but you can help how passionate you are in your efforts to prevent those issues.  If you are passionate, you will work harder.  When you work harder, you get more done.  When you get more done, you have time to double-check for mistakes and prevent problems from occurring.  Through all of this, you create a great news cast, make an exciting experience and find that feeling of fulfillment we all long for. 

When you are passionate, the strength of your emotions also radiates through your teammates and all the other members of your news team.  Your passion is contagious, and when everyone with you is infected, the news cast is sure to be a success.  More than that, though, this passion creates a more positive environment, which makes people want to come into ATVN and be a part of the team (rather than simply going through the motions, as I had).

So, therefore, my little tidbit of advice is to make sure all you new producers open your hearts and find that passion, if not for your news cast, for the team you work with.  This passion will take you a long way, not only making you a successful producer, but also giving you the feeling of fulfillment that I am currently relishing within.  At the end of a long semester, you will be grateful for your hard work and smile at all your success.  You just have to give your passion a chance to truly shine through!

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