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Study: Hispanic-Americans Prefer Ethnic Labels

The Pew Hispanic Center released a study on Wednesday revealing American attitudes to ethnic labels.

Hispanics describe themselves by their family's Country of Origin 51 percent of the time (Photo Courtesy Pew Research Center)
Hispanics describe themselves by their family's Country of Origin 51 percent of the time (Photo Courtesy Pew Research Center)
Less than a quarter of Americans with roots from Spanish-speaking countries prefer the pan-ethnic labels, Hispanic and Latino, according to a Pew Hispanic Center report released Wednesday.

“When Labels Don’t Fit: Hispanics and Their Views of Identity” by Paul Taylor and Associates at the Pew Hispanic Center in Washington D. C. looks at the self-images of the nearly 50 million Latinos living in the United States. The bilingual survey collected data from 1,220 Hispanic adults.

Just before the 1970 Census, The United States government mandated the use of “Hispanic” and “Latino” to describe Americans that come from Spanish-speaking countries.

Today, 47 percent said they consider themselves very different from the typical American.

According to the report, 69 percent said Hispanics in the United States have many different cultures and 51 percent most often identify with their countries of origin.

82 percent showed a deep connection the Spanish language, as 95 percent believe it is important to pass on the language to the next generation.

Likewise, 87 percent say it is important for immigrant Hispanics to learn English to succeed.

The report found that regardless of where they were born, the majority of Hispanics say life in the United States is better than in their ancestral country.

87 percent of Latino adults say the opportunity to get ahead is better in the United States than in the country of their ancestors and 72 percent say the United States is better for raising children than their home country.


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