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Activists Protest Experimentation on Primates

Animal rights activists held a protest at UCLA to support alternatives to animal research.

Stop Animal Exploitation Now! and other animal rights activists protested the use of live animals in experiments at UCLA. (ATVN/ Lauren Jones)
Stop Animal Exploitation Now! and other animal rights activists protested the use of live animals in experiments at UCLA. (ATVN/ Lauren Jones)
SAEN (Stop Animal Exploitation NOW!) and other animal rights activists stormed the UCLA campus on Monday to hold a "FREE THE ANIMALS" rally as part of Primate Liberation Week to protest the use of live animals in experiments.

The rally was meant to create awareness for animals that SAEN says are wrongfully treated by researchers at UCLA.

According to SAEN, primates are forcefully injected with drugs like crystal meth and often die before the experiments are even done or if they do reach the conclusion of the study, they are killed immediately afterwards.

UCLA Animal Researchers say, "Research involving laboratory animals at UCLA is heavily monitored and subject to stringent and multiple federal laws and university regulations."

SAEN says it will not stop putting pressure on UCLA to discuss alternatives to animal experimentation.


Thank you for the coverage of this issue ASC, which is in desperate need of attention. There is a huge and growing mountain of evidence that animal experimentation does NOT help find cures at all. If you need any further evidence try googling Dr. Elias Zerhouni the ex-Director of the NIH who was recently quoted as saying, “researchers have over-relied on animal data. The problem is that it hasn’t worked, and it’s time we stopped dancing around the problem…We need to refocus and adapt new methodologies for use in humans to understand disease biology in humans.” Referring to animal experiments, he also went on to say that he and the NIH “drank the Kool-Aid on that one.”

The NIH is a major funder of animal experiments at UCLA. Trust some lackey at UCLA to try to wade in and make ridiculous comments about the protest all the while doing what UCLA experimenters do best, avoiding the actual issue. Please DO tell who at UCLA exactly is more then willing to discuss the issue because if you asked someone like Dr. Ray Greek, he will tell you otherwise. Dr. Greek has been trying to debate someone there for years but of course, the vivisectors are willing to whine about protest in the media but not willing to come to the table and discuss anything. If there were ANY kind of open dialogue allowed than perhaps UCLA wouldn’t refuse to allow access to public documentation describing their animal research protocols OR threaten faculty and students who are concerned about this issue.

Go on, surprise me lackey of UCLA - start calling everyone "terrorists" and "extremists" in your next post.

I am saddened by UCLA's manipulative response that without animal experimentation there is no hope for cancer or AIDS cures/solutions. Cancer and HIV/AIDS are serious issues globally and at the same time esteemed institutions like UCLA need to come clean about the limits of animals research, the dangers and the waste. When I say dangers I mean that many drugs are tested on animals safely and then prove deadly in humans for example Redux. When I say waste I mean BILLIONS with a B of taxpayer dollars go to UCLA for their animal experimentation. When I say limits I mean that after years and years of animal torture and wasted dollars we are not any closer to cures. It is absurd that people seem unaware of the need for a primate to have fresh air, play, same species companies in order to remain sane.

Um, activists protested, not researchers.

Continuously refused?! Are you serious?! That is just a sampling from my favorite site found in about 30 seconds. Or what about

This is the most ridiculous, baseless, and flat out empty 'article' (if I can even call it that) I have ever read out of USC. If I were a graduate, I would be completely embarrassed. This not reporting, Amy Loprez, this is being a conduit of misinformation. The next time you say someone "refused to discuss" something, please make sure we can fact check that you actually ASKED someone to comment. There is plenty of info out there and more than a few people within UCLA that are willing to talk about this issue, I can assure you. This is the kind of "reporting" that disrupts a real dialogue about real issues. It is no secret that SAEN has a protest EVERY YEAR at UCLA but what you failed to mention is the counter protest that also happens. It is this failure to accurately report the FULL STORY that leaves your readers with lame excuses rather than complete arguments on which to base their opinions. As a journalist you have a DUTY to report the full story. In this case, you didn't even report half of it. Hopefully your next attempt will be more robust.

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