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There's No "I" In Team

At the media center, each outlet is moving away from being separate programs. Instead, each outlet is one part of Annenberg Media. As a producer at ATVN, we are an integral part of a converged Media Center. 

Most of the morning meetings begin with the producers pitching their story ideas. After all those ideas are put on the board, the executive producer and producers turn the floor to the other media outlets. Sometimes, ideas pitched by Neon Tommy or ARN are used in our ATVN newscast. During the morning meeting, each group collaborates to find the best stories to cover for our outlets that day.

Each outlet also works together after reporters come back from the field. Sometimes, ATVN will get an interview at an event ARN was not able to attend. As a producer, I talk to the lead producer of ARN for that day to help them get the sound for their afternoon show. This also works both ways. Earlier this week, ARN got sound from a city council meeting but no ATVN MJ was available to also go. So, we worked with the ARN reporter to get the sound for our 6PM broadcast. 

Although each outlet is working towards convergence, there is always room for improvement. As a producer, we do try to use any available sound from ARN but I think this is something we can do more. ARN last week conducted an interview with USG President Rini Sampath. There is no reason ATVN could not use that sound for the broadcast or video tape the interview to post on the ATVN or new Annenberg Media website. Using material from other outlets and working with the other programs can provide more information to viewers. Doing so can also allow ATVN to tell stories in a more diverse and interesting way. 

I believe each organization can help improve convergence by communicating more. ATVN tries to work with other outlets to give them sound or video we get for our newscast, but I think we can make an effort to do this more. After obtaining news content, news outlets can always try to tell other programs information they got to see if it might be of any interest to them. 

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