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Activists Rally Downtown for Immigration Reform

Dream Team Los Angeles, a nonprofit organization that advocates for immigration reform, held a demonstration at Pershing Square on Wednesday, drawing attention to a need for a more constructive pathway to citizenship as speakers recounting their experiences as undocumented residents.

One speaker detailed her struggles raising her child on less than minimum wage, while two skits focused on the hardships faced by many undocumented workers. Another skit portrayed an elderly woman struggling to obtain her Green Card, ironically and tragically receiving it as she lies on her deathbed.

The message was clear: the immigrant experience needs to be improved.

Dream Team L.A. claims that one out of every 10 workers in Los Angeles is undocumented.

Experts have speculated that undocumented workers generate as much as $75 billion in revenue per year, and contribute as much as $9 billion to social security.

This number, according to activists, demonstrates the willingness of immigrants to "give back" to the country in which they reside, and underscores the need for an easier way to integrate that population into the American tax system. 

The rally also focused on higher education for illegal immigrants, which, despite recent reforms, struggles to meet their needs.

Assembly Act 540 was signed into California law in October 2001, which allowed undocumented students to pay in-state tuition for public schools, and Dream Team claims numerous undocumented students have graduated from the University of California system. These students often struggle to find a job after graduation, however, and are frequently underemployed.

Strong opposition to a lenient strategy for illegal immigrants still persists in California, however, in the form of hand-wringing over granting generous benefits to those who are not required to reciprocate.

Barbara Coe, founder and president of California Coalition of Immigration Reform, opposed undocumented citizens gaining Green Cards.

"Anyone who is in our country illegally should not be rewarded by billions of our tax dollars that will be denied to other citizens," said Coe.

The Dream Team will be holding a banner dropping Thursday to raise awareness. Their goal is to make 2013 the year that illegal citizens have a way to document themselves. 


This crap is so utterly sickening and a continuing insult to California's citizens. California is a satellite of Mexico's anyway. DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOUR STATE, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Illegal alien border criminals marching in Los Angeles, for what, the thousandth time? Oh well, the creeps in Los Angeles and Sacramento, will just propose more taxes, raise taxes on citizens houses, businesses, whatever it takes to continue to support Mexico's illegal population here.

What we need to stop the invasion on our southern border is armed military. Then stop all benefits here until illegals, medical care, education, food stamps, etc. For the Visa overstayer a non-governmental group to check on all visa holders and eject the ones who can't read their expiration date. Stop all immigration until further notice. Let the world whine about that, but ignore them. We need to save ourselves first.

Experts have speculated that undocumented workers generate as much as $75 billion in revenue per year, and contribute as much as $9 billion to social security.
--------------------Every dollar of that and more would and should have been contributed by AMERICANS doing those jobs. Illegal aliens displace AMERICANS from jobs and drive down wages for everyone. NO AMNESTY.

This will, in fact, be the 8th amnesty given since Regan's "one time only" amnesty in '86; Politicains are such suck up liars; until we vote on & pass term limits, we are only going to get the same old BS, & people buy in to all the time.

We don't need to "overhaul" the immigration laws. We need to enforce the ones that are already on the books; we need to pass a version of E-verify that will be retroactive, allowing it to id illegals already working; it also needs to be mandatory for all US employers, & not just those who are awarded Fed & State govt. contracts; We need to reverse Plyer vs. Doe, the 1982 SCOTUS decision that made provision of free education to the children of illegals mandatory; we need to do away with birthright citizenship (anchor babies); We need to stop providing free legal council & subsidized housing. In short, we need to de-magnatize the magnate that brings illegals to the US of A. We DON'T need another "committee of fat, overpaid, overfed politicians & their lap dogs "overhauling" our immigration laws, other than what I've outlined above. I guarantee illegal immigrants in Mexico & other places in the world don't get treated nearly as well as we treat them. This BS in the article is, once again, all about votes. Politicians are worse than plague carrying fleas. The fleas don't get paid to infect Americans.

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