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Bike Accident on 28th Street Raises Safety Concerns

Students were not surprised to hear about a cyclist who was hit by a car Tuesday on the Row.

LAPD is investigating Tuesday's crash on the Row. A man on a bicycle was hit by a car and taken to the hospital.

The victim was not a USC student, and his condition is unknown.

Many students say bike safety has been an issue for years.

"A lot of girls on my team have been taken out by other bikers," said Sara Bilimoraia.

There are about 90,000 registered bikes at USC. The Department of Public Safety estimates a crash is reported almost every day.

Matthew Gonzalez, the President of the USC Bicycle Coalition, said he thinks more should be done to help bikers.

"We have the bike lanes on Trousale. That was a big move," said Gonzalez. "But besides that, there hasn't been a lot of progress."

DPS Deputy Chief David Carlisle said it's all about looking out for yourself.

"Students need to take responsibility for their own safety," said Carlisle. "A traffic collision can happen in an instant."


Your URL is extremely misleading - it says the accident was FATAL, when it was actually a non-USC student who got hit and had non-life threatening injuries.

Yeah, we have a total engineering and planning failure in the entire city. Let's mix pedestrians, bikes, skateboards, wheelchairs, cars, buses, trucks all on the same streets then mutter platitudes about share the road and be safe. And on campus, the rules aren't clear and they aren't enforced. We need the MyFig project as an example of what could be possible for the entire city if only we had the will.

"Students need to take responsibility for their own safety," said Carlisle. "A traffic collision can happen in an instant." Granted, the cyclist has to be careful; however, so does the motorist. DPS does absolutely nothing to educate it's students on bike and road safety. When two students were murdered last year, I didn't hear anyone at USC say they should have taken responsibility for their own safety. There are more bikes than ever on campus and what does USC want to do? Take away bikes from being on campus!! The cyclists have to take responsibility, but motorists don't?? Gimme a break Carlisle! Get some community outreach going and educate everyone. Cyclists are by law, mandated to operate their vehicle the same as a motorist; thereby must be on the road, unfortunately too many don't feel safe on the road and therefore ride on the sidewalk, which is more dangerous for not only the cyclist, but pedestrians. Get behind the MyFig project to make cycling, skateboarding and walking around USC safer for EVERYONE in the community in and around USC.

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