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Protesters Urge Yes on Prop 30 and No on Prop 32

Coalition groups ask the Board of Supervisors to support Proposition 30 and oppose Proposition 32.

The League of Women Voters of California, the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights, Courage Campaign and many other coalitions met at the Civic Center Tuesday to rally the board of Supervisors to support Proposition 30 and oppose Proposition 32.

Protesters in support of Prop 30 and against Prop 32 at Hall of Administration. (Photo by ATVN and Kayla Colin)
Protesters in support of Prop 30 and against Prop 32 at Hall of Administration. (Photo by ATVN and Kayla Colin)

David Holtzman, the President of League of Woman Voters Los Angeles, said, "The League of Woman Voters supports Proposition 30, opposes Proposition 32, and we’re here to get the word out. And we’re in partnerships with a bunch of other community organizations including the SEIU who share the same position. And it’s a pleasure to be here to help them with this campaign."

Proposition 30 is a tax proposal backed by Governor Jerry Brown. If approved, the proposition would temporarily raise the sales tax by a quarter cent for the next four years. The proposal would also increase the personal income tax on individuals earning over $250,000 per year for the next seven years.

The rates for those receiving a raise in income taxes could go up by up to three percent, but individuals making less than $250,000 and couples making less than $500,000 would not be affected.

The revenue received would go toward balancing the state budget and funding schools indirectly. Money from the new taxes will go into the Education Protection Account, a special account that will be divided up into two with 89 percent going to K-12 schools and the other 11 percent benefiting community colleges.

Prop 30 also includes a few constitutional amendments that would make sure California keeps paying for certain public safety programs such as supervision of parolees, the incarceration of some adult prisoners and substance abuse treatment.

Prop 30 conflicts with Prop 38, a proposal that is similar to the former but would raise taxes on most Californians as opposed to only those making more than $250,000 a year. Since the two proposals conflict, the one with the most votes will be taken into effect.

Proposition 32, also known as the Stop Special interest Money Now Act, will reform California's finance rules. First, employee payrolls will not receive deductions for "political purposes." Some of these "purposes" include independent expenditures, camapign contributions and other types of spending that would influence voters.

Prop 32 would also prevent corporations and unions from directly contributing to state and local candidates or even the committees that support them. Finally, the measure would prohibit government contractors from contributing to elected officials who have a say in awarding these contractors a contract.


The choices made Nov 6 will determine the state's course for years. Both Prop 32, 30 levy significant taxes on Californians.
The wounds that Prop 30, 32 are to heal have been self inflicted largely by elected officials in Sacramento who simply do not say no to any influential interest group (lobbyists) be they public employees, business, teachers or other unions or environmental groups.
And now the Sacramento politicians and their lobbyists are using Prop 32, 30, 38 to blackmail us.
Vote! Vote No on Prop 32, 30, 38. Save California for our children.

Give me one other organization that fights for worker's rights. This is the one-two-punch; First; If you silence unions, there IS no other organization out there that protects workers. Second; corporate special interests will come after your job; by making or repealing laws like collective bargaining, Davis-Bacon, retirement, apprenticeship and institute right to work for less legislation. You'll see your wages cut in half, benefits and working conditions disappear overnight. And the union wouldn't even be able to inform you that this was happening.If this was to hurt the big corporate interest why are they the ones putting money into this campaign to pass? The Koch bros., Carl Rove, big oil companies, and insurance companies, wall street bankers and developers. That's because they are all exempt from Prop 32.

Labor rights aren’t etched in stone. They were won through politics and collective bargaining. So if you’re the 99% that have to work for a living say, “good bye” to, vacation leave, health insurance, 8 hour work day, minimum wage, work place health and safety laws, overtime pay, unemployment, child labor laws, meal breaks, nurse patient ratios just to name a few. Screw 32 vote NO

The Ballot language states:

85150. (a) Notwithstanding any other provision of law and this title, no corporation, labor union, or public employee labor union shall make a contribution to any candidate, candidate controlled committee; or to any other committee, including a political party committee, if such funds will be used to make contributions to any candidate or candidate controlled committee. { look at the first part of the statement; notwithstanding any other provision of law..The Supreme Court has already ruled that corporations have the same rights as individuals therefore, only unions are affected.}

85151. (a) Notwithstanding any other provision of law and this title, no corporation, labor union, public employee labor union, government contractor, or government employer shall deduct from an employee’s wages, earnings, or compensation any amount of money to be used for political purposes.
{Only unions have payroll deductions NOT corporations or gov. contractors, that's the second loophole.}

85151. (b) Notwithstanding any other provision of law and this title, no government contractor, or committee sponsored by a government contractor, shall make a contribution to any elected officer or committee controlled by any elected officer if such elected officer makes, participates in making, or in any way attempts to use his or her official position to influence the granting, letting, or awarding of a public contract to the government contractor during the period in which the decision to grant, let, or award the contract is to be made and during the term of the contract. {There are already laws on the books that address this but let’s look at the language. It states no Pay to Play but only during the bidding of the contract, than it no longer applies}

So, even if a member opts to contribute voluntarily, the union still can't use the money for political purposes.

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